Watch how to load and disembark from the T-bar


Never ridden up on a T-bar before? It can be pretty intimidating your first time. The biggest tip is don't sit down. Stay upright like you are skiing and let the T-bar pull you up. Similarly, if you board, the T goes between your leg and pulls you up on your front dominant leg. 

To disembark from the T-Bar, talk with your neighbor about who will release first. The last person then makes sure the T hits the backboard as they disembark. It is best to release after the last tower. 

If you feel yourself falling off the T, please make sure to let go of the T and the T is not wrapped up in you. This is for your safety!

Still not sure? Ask a local and they can show you how. 

TIP - Ride directly under the cable and it is easier to ride up with an experienced skier for both boarders and skiers. They help balance the T-bar as you ride up. Double is the way to go!

IMG_4156_Vimeo from Kendrick Moholt on Vimeo.

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Ferguson Ridge Ski Area is a community-run ski hill in partnership with the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club.

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The season is usually the second Saturday in December to the first Saturday in April. Again conditions permitted.

For your safety, we do not allow sledding at Fergi.


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