Meet the Fergi Ski Patrol Team

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The Fergi Ski Patrol Team is an all-volunteer team that is a proud member of the National Ski Patrol Program. They dedicate their time to ensure they provide on-the-hill safety and emergency care for all outdoor enthusiasts at Fergi. 

Why Join Ski Patrol?

  • Help the Fergi community and give back to the community
  • Learn or sharpen First Aid skills
  • Join a great team and a long tradition at the ski area
  • Always have a large number of friends to ski with
  • Have your own area on the mountain to eat, change, and socialize
  • Lots of training classes available – Mountaineering, Avalanche Awareness, Advance First Aid & many more
  • Ask any patroller – "for the fun and adventure!"
  • It is a serious commitment, but well worth it!

How Do You Join the Fergi Ski Patrol Team?

First, contact Paul Arentsento learn more about the Fergi Ski Patrol Team, what steps it takes to become a Fergi Ski Patrol member, the fees associated with being a member of the National Ski Patrol Program, and the time commitment as a Fergi Ski Patrol member. There might be opportunities to shadow current ski patrol members to see if this opportunity is for you. If you decide this is the path for you, formal training begins with the Outdoor Emergency Care course. Followed by On the Hill and Toboggan instruction as well as demonstrating all the training disciplines before becoming a ski patrol member. A candidate will invest a full season of training before becoming a Fergi Ski Patrol member.

Interested in joining ski patrol?

Contact Paul Arentsen 

paul arentsen

Paul Arentsen, Ski Patrol Director

Meet the rest of the Ski Patrol Team

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Ferguson Ridge Ski Area is a community-run ski hill in partnership with the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club.

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Saturday - Sunday & Holidays
10 AM - 4 PM
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The season is usually the second Saturday in December to the first Saturday in April. Again conditions permitted.

For your safety, we do not allow sledding at Fergi.


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