Fergi members learning about the season at the annual meeting in the lodge

Annual Member Meeting November 12, 2023

The annual member meeting will occur on November 12. After the fall work day from 12 PM - 3 PM (we will end early this day), we will meet in the Fergi Lodge to gather and learn more about the Fergi Season.

Just so you know, everyone is welcome to attend. This is a chance to meet other Eagle Cap Ski Club members or learn what it takes to become a member. The meeting begins with a board meeting and then the general meeting.

We especially need member input around volunteer work time and special projects, like redeemable recycling items. Please come and provide input. This is a community hill and it takes a village to keep it operational.

This meeting has traditionally been a potluck but with mostly beers and chips as the main feature. Can't wait to see everyone!


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Ferguson Ridge Ski Area is a community-run ski hill in partnership with the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club.

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Saturday - Sunday & Holidays
10 AM - 4 PM
weather & conditions permitted

The season is usually the second Saturday in December to the first Saturday in April. Again conditions permitted.

For your safety, we do not allow sledding at Fergi.


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Special thanks to Tim Turrentine, Roger Averbeck, Kendrick Moholt, Alan Klages, and all the photographers for the photos


  • Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 10am-4pm weather dependent