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Fergi By the Numbers

Fergi is not a big resort nor can it boast about its vertical feet or high-tech lifts. Rather, this all-volunteer-run hill talks about the friendships made on the hill, how families can ski and ride together without the crowds, or how you feel part of a community whether you live here or are just visiting. If you want to find the secret stashes or the fun jumps, ask a local grom (aka a local kid) to show you around the hill. They truly are our hill "host" and are more than happy to show around if you can keep up! 

Downhill skiing not your thing? There are a couple of nordic trails you can access from the base of Fergi and are free to recreate on. Check out the Eagle Cap Nordic Club to learn more and access the nordic map here.

Vertical Feet
2 (1 T-bar & 1 rope tow)
Elevation at Base
5,200 feet
Number of Runs
two kids hitting a jump on skis
Trail Map
Fergi is mostly green and blue runs with a few short black runs. The easiest way down from the top is Hayes Maze. Slick Crick is known for its natural jumps and half pipe. When the coverage is good, the tree skiing throughout the whole mountain can be really fun.
Not all the runs get daily grooming. Yet, we try to keep the Face, Gardner's, Draggin' Head, Hayes Maze and West Bowl groomed. All depends on conditions and volunteers.
map of Fergi
What to Expect for Your Day 

No early starts at Fergi. The hill doesn't open until 10 am. Enjoy that extra cup of coffee in the morning. Be ready for a day of adventure and being semi-off the grid. Cell coverage is limited on the mountain. The snack bar service can be occasional. No running water. Bathrooms are outhouses.  

Instead, embrace the laid-back atmosphere. Lots of smiling kids talking about the latest jump they found. And, when the snow is not that great a fun place to sit on the deck and soak in the sunshine and hang out with new and old friends.


Lions Club members, the Strickland Family, operates our snack bar on the hill. We cannot think of anyone better to grab a snack from after a busy day of skiing and boarding. Their mouthwatering snacks are delicious, hearty, and affordable.  Stop by to grab a snack, you won't be disappointed. 

Just remember to bring cash or check. Order at the outside window and enjoy your food either inside or outside of the lodge.

Watch how to load and disembark from the Fergi T-Bar

Tips for first visit
Getting Here

Fergi is just outside of Joseph off a rural, dirt road with ranches nearby. Don't be surprised on your way to the hill if you have to slow down for cows or ranchers out feeding their animals. The road conditions can be rough. When snow coverage is limited, the road and parking lot can be very muddy.

Oregon Sno Park passes are not required to park at Fergi. If you plan on accessing the nordic trails from the nearby sno park, you will need a sno park pass.

As much as we love dogs, we asked that you keep your dog off the ski hill during operations and to please clean up after your pet. Thanks.

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Don't Sit Down on the T

Never ridden up on a T-bar before? It can be pretty intimidating your first time. The biggest tip is don't sit down. Stay upright like you are skiing and let the T-bar pull you up. Similarly, if you board, the T goes between your leg and pulls you up on your front dominant leg. 

TIP - Ride directly under the cable and it is easier to ride up with an experienced skier for both boarders and skiers. They help balance the T-bar as you ride up. Double is the way to go!

To disembark from the T-Bar, talk with your neighbor about who will release first. The last person then makes sure the T hits the backboard as they disembark. It is best to release after the last tower. 

If you feel yourself falling off the T, please make sure to let go of the T and the T is not wrapped up in you. This is for your safety!

Still not sure? Ask a local and they can show you how. 

Watch the video

Bring Cash or Checks

Fergi has limited cell coverage. Due to this, we can only accept cash or check on the mountain.

Bring Water & Food

There is no running water on the hill. Bring enough fluids to keep you hydrated for the day. While we do have an amazing snack bar on the hill, some days the service can be limited or sometimes closed for the day. Check the news & updates before you come. There is a microwave in the lodge to heat up your food. 

Fergi Logo

Ferguson Ridge Ski Area is a community-run ski hill in partnership with the Enterprise-Joseph Lions Club.

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Saturday - Sunday & Holidays
10 AM - 4 PM
weather & conditions permitted

The season is usually the second Saturday in December to the first Saturday in April. Again conditions permitted.

For your safety, we do not allow sledding at Fergi.


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Special thanks to Tim Turrentine, Roger Averbeck, Kendrick Moholt, Alan Klages, and all the photographers for the photos


  • Saturday-Sunday & Holidays 10am-4pm weather dependent